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What's New?

We realise the value of keeping things up to date - so we're constantly updating and adding to our site. Below are the most recent additions to the UGRs web site. Click on the title to read more about it.

Free Newsletter - The August 2006 edition of the monthly Cultural Intelligence™ newsletter is available here. This month features articles that include: - Why many organisations should put the sign 'Bring No Initiative' above their front door; Can you have too much teamwork? How to overcome the war between sales and marketing; and more! If you would like to receive a free copy of our monthly newsletter, simply email us at and we'll add you to our distribution list

Rosabeth Moss Kanter holds a chaired professorship at the Harvard Business School, advises major corporations and government entities worldwide and is the author and co-author of over 300 articles and 13 books. And she is coming to Australia for seminars on 25, 26 and 27th September! Named one of the 50 most powerful women in the world (Times London), Rosabeth will be presenting on 'Leading With Confidence: How leaders guide change in successful organisations'. Featuring with Rosabeth will be Steve Simpson!! Details can be found here.

Steve Simpson has recently delivered the opening keynote presentation at the Annual Conference for the Institute of Customer Service in London. Click here to see a two minute video showing what some of the delegates said about Steve's presentation on UGRs...

A new synergy. We are both delighted and proud to announce a new business partnership. Recently, Steve Simpson was in Melbourne working with the people from Gadria, a leading Australian consulting company which now has the exclusive license to work with UGRs® (Unwritten Ground Rules) in Australia. This is a group of really intelligent yet grounded people who have done some great work in boosting corporate cultures in a variety of organisational contexts. More importantly, Steve says they possess a quality that is not in oversupply nowadays - they are good people! Gadria's experience in managing and facilitating change is the perfect match for the UGRs concept. Check out their web site here - or contact them direct on +61 3 9421 4055

Want to find out what your culture is really like? We've developed an exciting new tool for uncovering the real culture in your organisation. Our web site has a password protected page exclusive to people in your organisation. We'll agree on a number of 'lead-in' sentences for people to complete, for example, 'Around here, customers are...', 'Around here, when it comes to showing intiative...' and so on. These lead-in sentences are selected in terms of what is most important to your future business success. In addition, we'll include options for the collection of key demographics. You will receive a fully detailed, analysed report on the results - opening a window into your corporate culture! Email us at or review details here

How much difference does UGRs-related work make in an organisation? Check out some quantified results here

UGRs® Licenses available. Consultants and trainers in New Zealand, the US and the UK are now able to access the many years of work that have gone into the creation of the powerful UGRs® concept to change corporate culture. Licensed UGRs Consultants will be provided training, a completely modularised programme, with facilitator notes, PowerPoint slides and participant workbooks linked to each of the 18 content modules. Interested? Email Steve Simpson direct at

Like to improve your organisation's culture? We have developed an in-house training programme based on the UGRs concept. We will train a team of your your people and provide them with a suite of strategies and tools to improve your culture. Called the UGRs Cultural Change Programme, you can learn more by downloading this pdf file

UGRs hit South Africa! Creator of the UGRs concept, Steve Simpson, has been to South Africa where he worked with Stef Du Plessis and Associates, to enable Stef and his talented team to implement UGRs into South African companies. Find out more about Stef Du Plessis and Associates here

The worlwide culture survey of UGRs - we've had 380 responses from 19 countries to the survey and the 16 page Free Summary Report is here. The Full report provides more details including a breakdown of results to identify differences based on demographics including whether the respondents were management or non-management, the company size and the country in which the organisation was based. It also provides insights into how the cultural change improvement be achieved in your organisation using the UGRs concept. The Full Report, priced at $39 can be purchased here.

The Customer Service Newsletter published by the Customer Service Group, is a good source of ideas and inspiration to improve service. In a recent edition (Vol 31, No 7), UGRs are discussed. A copy of the article is here.

The 2003 European Conference on Customer Management. What a great conference! Congratulations go to the team at who ran a professional and highly valuable conference. Steve Simpson was one of the speakers, and he received some wonderful feedback. Read delegate comments here

New Links - we've recently updated our links, and highlighted some great sites we've come across recently. The latest include eCustomerService and the Wow Awards, which are worth a look

UGRs Winners - Our congratulations go to Arthur Kyron and his team at the Town of Claremont in Western Australia, who have been recognised by Australia's Local Government Focus newspaper for their achievements. The management team at Calremont have used UGRs as the basis for work on their strategic plan values. Details are here (you will need to scroll halfway down to find the story). Well done Town of Claremont!

UGRs hit the media! The Australian Newspaper has reported on the power of UGRs! The February 7th 2002 edition of the national newspaper carried a feature article on page 6 titled 'An Acronym to Rule Out Bad Service'. It begins.. Improved customer service is the latest mantra being adopted by small and large businesses wanting to ensure continued success - and a new acronym is being embraced to get there. 'UGRs' - or unwritten ground rules - is the catchphrase dreamed up by author and customer service whizz Steve Simpson to explain a common trait that gets a lot of workplaces into trouble when dealing with customers. Steve has since been interviewed by ABC radio across the country, on Foxtel television, and on the Book Show. 

ABC Radio Interviews - ABC Radio in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne have interviewed Steve Simpson on his latest book - UGRs: Cracking the Corporate Culture Code. Click the title to hear the Perth interview.



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